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On our web site you’ll find really good domain registration prices. We offer you a wide range of domains extensions to pick from, and have done our very best to offer you the very best prices on the market. With our easy–to–navigate Domains Manager tool, you will be able to get complete control of your domain names. It supports different domain administration options – you can easily add custom DNS entries, modify your WHOIS records, park unlimited domains and a lot more.

Moreover, we offer you many of the most well–known universal and country–specific domain extensions free of charge with a cloud hosting plan. Take a look at them.

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TLD 1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years 6 years 7 years 8 years 9 years 10 years
.net A$26.41 A$50.76 A$75.11 A$99.46 A$123.81 A$148.16 A$172.51 A$196.86 A$221.21 A$245.56
.com A$24.51 A$46.25 A$67.99 A$89.73 A$111.47 A$133.21 A$154.95 A$176.69 A$198.43 A$220.17
.org A$19.02 A$41.63 A$64.24 A$86.85 A$109.46 A$132.07 A$154.68 A$177.29 A$199.90 A$222.51
.info A$24.35 A$57.40 A$90.45 A$123.50 A$156.55 A$189.60 A$222.65 A$255.70 A$288.75 A$321.80
.biz A$20.87 A$49.57 A$78.27 A$106.97 A$135.67 A$164.37 A$193.07 A$221.77 A$250.47 A$279.17 A$10.44 A$24.27 A$29.57 A$39.14 A$48.71 A$58.27 A$67.84 A$77.41 A$86.97 A$96.54
.it A$10.58 - - - - - - - - -
.nl A$14.92 - - - - - - - - -
.cn A$19.79 A$49.04 A$78.29 A$107.54 A$136.79 A$166.04 A$195.29 A$224.54 A$253.79 A$283.04
.eu A$10.44 A$23.49 A$36.54 A$49.59 A$62.64 A$75.69 A$88.74 A$101.79 A$114.84 A$127.89
.us A$10.44 A$27.75 A$45.06 A$62.37 A$79.68 A$96.99 A$114.30 A$131.61 A$148.92 A$166.23
TLD 1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years 6 years 7 years 8 years 9 years 10 years A$20.87 A$42.54 A$63.41 A$84.28 A$105.15 - - - - - A$22.61 A$45.22 A$67.83 A$90.44 A$113.05 - - - - -
.net A$24.35 A$48.70 A$73.05 A$97.40 A$121.75 A$146.10 A$170.45 A$194.80 A$219.15 A$243.50
.com A$21.74 A$43.48 A$65.22 A$86.96 A$108.70 A$130.44 A$152.18 A$173.92 A$195.66 A$217.40
.org A$22.61 A$45.22 A$67.83 A$90.44 A$113.05 A$135.66 A$158.27 A$180.88 A$203.49 A$226.10
.info A$33.05 A$66.10 A$99.15 A$132.20 A$165.25 A$198.30 A$231.35 A$264.40 A$297.45 A$330.50
.biz A$28.70 A$57.40 A$86.10 A$114.80 A$143.50 A$172.20 A$200.90 A$229.60 A$258.30 A$287.00 A$13.83 A$19.13 A$28.70 A$38.27 A$47.83 A$57.40 A$66.97 A$76.53 A$86.10 A$95.67
.it A$15.88 - - - - - - - - -
.nl A$25.69 - - - - - - - - -
.asia A$26.09 A$52.18 A$78.27 A$104.36 A$130.45 A$156.54 A$182.63 A$208.72 A$234.81 A$260.90 A$33.05 A$66.10 A$99.15 A$132.20 A$165.25 A$198.30 A$231.35 A$264.40 A$297.45 A$330.50
.cn A$29.25 A$58.50 A$87.75 A$117.00 A$146.25 A$175.50 A$204.75 A$234.00 A$263.25 A$292.50
.eu A$13.05 A$26.10 A$39.15 A$52.20 A$65.25 A$78.30 A$91.35 A$104.40 A$117.45 A$130.50
.us A$17.31 A$34.62 A$51.93 A$69.24 A$86.55 A$103.86 A$121.17 A$138.48 A$155.79 A$173.10

Full Command over Your Domains with Ezi Web Hosting Services

Quick Scalability

Change your cloud hosting plan with a mouse click

If you only have a domain with us, and yet you also want to migrate your website(s) to our platform, you can just upgrade to any of our cloud hosting packages. Just visit the Upgrade Plan section of your Domain Control Panel and select the package that you want to switch to. We will then activate all the available hosting features for you and you will be able to take full advantage of all the website installation and management tools that are integrated into the Control Panel.

All our cloud hosting packages offer a drag ’n’ drop File Manager, webmail access, the possibility to set up multiple MySQL databases and to view detailed traffic statistics, and much more, so all you’ll have to take into account is the amount of system resources that you require for your websites.

Quick Scalability

Domain Locking

Give protection to your domains from theft

By locking your domain, you will able to defend it against unapproved transfers. Thus, any person who tries to initiate a transfer of your domain name to some other domain registrar will be instantly stopped.

If you need to transfer the domain to a different domain name registrar yourself, you can unlock it with one mouse click. The domain locking/unlocking functionality is included in the Domain Manager section of your Control Panel. Just click on a domain and then click the Registrar Lock button to lock/unlock it.

Domain Locking

GeoIP Redirection Tool

Speedily set up location–dependent redirects

In our Domain Manager you’ll find an easy–to–work–with tool, which will allow you to filter your web site traffic according to the visitors’ physical whereabouts. With our GeoIP redirection tool, you’ll be able to effortlessly configure location–based redirections and redirect your visitors to specific areas of your website. For example, you will be able to point the US traffic to your index page, and the visitors coming from Spain to a sub–domain – es.your–, for instance.

With this simple tool, you no longer need to type dozens of lines of code in the .htaccess file. Everything is handled by the tool itself.

GeoIP Redirection Tool

24/7 Support Service

A support team is always here available for you

Our expert technicians will be right here for you 24/7/365 to assist you with any problem that you might have administering your domains. If the domain name you want to register has already been snatched or in case you don’t know how to enable ID protection, simply send us an e–mail or submit a support ticket and we will write back to you in less than sixty minutes.

To get a momentary answer, you can call us up or use our live chat option on work days.

24/7 Support Service

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