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Ezi Web Hosting Services delivers more than 50 top–level domain extensions to pick out from! Nevertheless, before selecting with which domain you intend to go, make sure you first and foremost browse through the TLD info table. It will present you with info about the registration time period of a various TLD and also the attributes it has, such as a registrar–lock feature, a transfer service, an Edit WHOIS functionality, WHOIS Privacy Protection, and much more. As a result, if for any reason the domain you wish to register cannot be moved to another registrar, for example, you might want to choose a TLD which could be transmitted away, in case you aren’t truly satisfied the services of your current registrar.

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TLD Registrar-Lock Transfers Edit WHOIS ID Protect Registration Period Single registration no yes (EPP) yes no 1-5 years A$21.10 no yes (EPP) yes no 1-5 years A$22.86
.net yes yes (EPP) yes yes 1-10 years A$22.86
.com yes yes (EPP) yes yes 1-10 years A$19.34
.org yes yes (EPP) yes yes 1-10 years A$22.86
.info yes yes (EPP) yes yes 1-10 years A$26.38
.biz yes yes (EPP) yes yes 1-10 years A$24.90 yes yes yes no 1-10 years A$13.98
.it yes yes (EPP) yes no 1 Year A$15.88
.nl no yes (EPP) yes no 1 Year A$25.69
.asia yes yes (EPP) yes no 1-10 years A$26.38 no yes (EPP) yes no 1-10 years A$33.41
.cn no yes (EPP) yes no 1-10 years A$25.81
.eu no yes (EPP) yes no 1-10 years A$13.19
.us yes yes (EPP) yes no 1-10 years A$17.50

Domain Locking - Having activated this particular option on, your current domain will be properly protected against ID theft. If someone attempts to trigger a transfer for your own domain without your permission to do so, the request is going to be quickly prevented and your ownership – safe!

Domain Transfer Services - If you move a domain name to Ezi Web Hosting Services, a whole year will be added onto its expiration date. For a lot of domains, an EPP authorization key is needed. It is actually given by the present registrar ahead of the transfer process is started. Although some companies have got additional costs for domain transfer, with Ezi Web Hosting Services, the transfer cost is identical to the registration price!

WHOIS Editing Option - Through the Domain Manager, you can easily change the WHOIS data for one’s domain name whenever you desire to!

Whois Privacy Protection - The WHOIS Privacy Protection service can help you disguise your personal information out of the public eye and also change it with our own information!

Domain Registration Period - The minimal period of registration for a TLD depends upon its registry policy. Almost all TLDs including .com and .net could be registered only for 1 to 10 years, and domains like are available for a 2–year period of registration exclusively.

TLD Registration Period - You can easily register all the universal TLDs for minimum 1 year. Nevertheless, a handful of country code TLDs like .DE and .AT can be registered for 1 year only.

Notes - See if the TLD you wish to register carries any kind of specific requirements for registration.

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